Auto-Format HTML Templates in Django with VSCode


When writing HTML templates for the Django Python framework, you want to use Visual Studio Code’s auto formatting features. However, when you activate the auto-format functionality, VSCode complains that there is no formatter available for such HTML files:

“There is no formatter for ‘django-html’ files installed.”


First, install the beautify extension.

Then, open the settings.json by pressing SHIFT - CMD - P and enter “Open Settings (JSON)”:

Next, add the following block to your settings.json:

"files.associations": {
    "**/*.html": "html",
    "**/templates/**/*.html": "django-html",
    "**/templates/**/*": "django-txt",
    "**/requirements{/**,*}.{txt,in}": "pip-requirements"
"emmet.includeLanguages": {
    "django-html": "html"
"beautify.language": {
    "html": [

Save the changes and go back to your HTML template – you should now be able to format the HTML code automatically by pressing SHIFT - OPTION - F.

Bernhard Knasmüller on Software Development