Using the Open Weather Map API with Python

In this post, I am showing you how to use the freely available Open Weather Map API to retrieve hourly weather forecasts 48 hours into the future for a given place using Python without external packages.

Continue reading if you need an easy and flexible way to obtain weather data in your python application and you want to avoid using third-party dependencies for the task. You will use the free tier of the Open Weather Map API. The resulting weather data includes:

  • temperature
  • sunrise and sunset time
  • “feels like” temperature
  • pressure
  • humidity
  • wind speed
  • cloudiness

All the above data points are returned hourly for the next 48 hours in JSON format for free.

We will use Python to query the API without using any dependencies except for the requests and json packages so you can easily adapt it to suit your particular needs. Let’s get started!

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