A More Powerful macOS Alternative to Outlook Quick Parts – Boosting Email Productivity

Stop repeating yourself.

Emails and messages in general often consist of repeated content blocks that never change. Greetings and signatures are perfect examples: some people even try to eliminate such “noise” from messages (for example, the “nohello”-movement).

While it is unrealistic that such changes to the human interaction protocol will ever be universally accepted, there is something else a productivity-minded person can do in order to lose less time each day typing the same phrases over and over again.

Outlook Quick Parts

The idea is simple. Instead of typing a long phrase (e.g., your signature containing your name, phone number and email address), you create a building block with a certain name. Quick parts then expands this name into the full description:

Screenshot from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_JVTjhwsy4

For example, you set your name to “byelong”, press F3 and let Outlook expand the name to a signature:

Best regards,
Bernhard Knasm├╝ller

Quick parts can also contain formatting and images and are an easy way to manage reusable content in Outlook.

A More Powerful macOS Alternative

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