How To Publish Your PHP Code as a Composer Package

How To Publish Your PHP Code as a Composer Package

Easily share your code with the PHP community by contributing your library as a composer package: This article will show you how to publish your code on GitLab and as a package on

Writing Your PHP Code

Publishing open source code has never been easier. Using PHP’s package manager composer, thousands of freely available packages are only one composer require away.

Believe it or not, but there exists an npm package named “is-odd” with over 700,000 weekly downloads. Its sole purpose is to “compute” whether a number is even or odd. For this tutorial, we will replicate this essential functionality as a PHP package.

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Integrating a PHP Application into Apache Kafka

While there are many great tutorials to integrate Java and Python applications into Kafka, PHP is often left out. However, by offering scalability, high performance and high availability, Kafka is a very promising data infrastructure for combining legacy applications (such as PHP monoliths) with modern microservices.

This article shows you how to setup a Kafka-PHP development environment from scratch using Docker and how to send your first message from a PHP application to a Kafka topic.

Architecture Overview

For this simple scenario, we will create three Docker containers: one running the zookeeper, one broker and one for the PHP message producer (call that one “PHP Worker”).

When everything is up and running, we want the PHP worker to be able to send messages to a Kafka topic by connecting to the Broker.

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First Steps with Elasticsearch, Docker and PHP

Elasticsearch is a state-of-the-art full-text search engine you might want to use in your next project. It is based on a NoSQL-like document store and optimized for amazingly fast search queries. A powerful API enables features like fuzzy matching (find ‘Toronto’ when searching for ‘Torronto’), stemming (find ‘race’ when searching for ‘racing’) and n-grams (find ‘spaghetti’ with ‘ghett’).

In this article, I will show you how to set up an Elasticsearch instance using Docker and PHP and how to easily perform queries.

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